Looking for Event Management Software Recommendations

event management software

There are quite a number of event management software providers at your disposal. As an event organiser, it is important that you know where to start your research and to know which ones qualify as most reliable. Here are some tips on how to look for the best providers:

1.) Consult event management forums.

Online communities and forums are great resources when you are looking for something or when you have a technical question related to a specific industry. These forums usually have thought leaders and experts who do not mind sharing their knowledge to an online group. If you are looking for a specific event management software, Google for famous forums related to event management and start a thread. People with experience and even suppliers may reach out to you.

2.) Visit B2B software directories.

Alternatively, you can also consult B2B software directories and find out which ones are top-rated event management software and event registration software. Websites like Capterra, for example, can lead you to top providers. You will have the chance to see user reviews for each company and you can also rank several providers according ease of use and affordability.

3.) Ask for recommendations from your contacts.

You may be part of associations or official organisations dedicated to event managers. If you already have contacts, try reaching out to them. You may send an email or use LinkedIn or Facebook groups to post a question. Let your colleagues in the industry know of your requirements and fish for recommendations.

The people in these groups could be your best resource since many of them may already have experience in using a software before. As long as they are not your competitors, most people would not mind leading you to the best options.

4.) Run a simple Google search.

Last but not the least, you may also run a simple search in Google with the keywords event management software. While top-ranked pages are not necessarily the best, you may in fact see some of the oldest players in the industry. Many of them have SEO-optimized their pages for years already and that is why you see them in the first page in Google.

Those are only some of the places where you can start your research. Remember that you should first do a needs assessment first and find out exactly what things you wish to achieve with an event management software.